Bellisima Living


Connect to a More Beautiful Life and World!

In Italian, "bellissima" means very beautiful. An empowered life filled with passion, purpose and good health is indeed very beautiful!

DonnaI have taken my own life experience, which included having cancer in 2007, combined it with my passion for authentic, conscious living and my desire to be of service to others and created Bellisima Living.

Through Bellisima Living, I offer:

  • Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, a program of The Pachamama Alliance to educate and inspire individuals worldwide to bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable world.
  • Playshops with an introduction to how you can reduce your daily exposure to harmful ingredients and choose more consciously.
  • Products for all aspects of healthy, happy, conscious living to enhance your overall well-being.
  • Writing With Donna, complete writing, coaching and editing services to encourage you to connect with and express your authentic voice.


  • Pachamama Alliance

Pachamama AllianceDiscover the vital intersection of environmental sustainability, healthy human spirit, and social justice through the Awakening the Dreamer symposium, offered throughout the world. As stated on the Awakening the Dreamer website, "Awakening the Dreamer is a worldwide initiative that has inspired thousands of people to realize their tremendous potential as agents of change. Our workshops equip you to take on the challenges and opportunities of this moment in history, make a positive impact on your community, and live a fulfilling a life."

In a four-hour experience, or two two-hour segments appropriate for home gatherings, small or large groups can expand their awareness of the challenges facing our species and planet and discover the extraordinary opportunities for each of us to be change agents. As an Awakening the Dreamer facilitator, I offer this inspirational program at various times and locations throughout the year. The symposium is available for your group, business, community organization, or in-home gathering, and can be tailored to best meet the needs of your audience. Click here for information about Awakening the Dreamer.


The following Two-Hour Playshops are each independent classes; however, combining them in any manner will provide you with a more well-rounded approach to conscious living.

  • Kitchen Wisdom Playshop--The Clean, Green Home

Contained in this playshop is information to help you choose between homemade and commercial cleaning products. We'll also look at how to determine the safety and efficacy of commercial products in an industry that remains unregulated. We'll take a trip through the kitchen pantry to identify the ingredients needed to make homemade cleaning solutions and identify homemade recipes for a variety of cleaning needs. You'll also make your own all-purpose cleaner to take home with you.

  • Self-Love is Self-Actualizing!

Included in this playshop is an introduction to Ayurvedic practices, relaxation exercises, visualization, and more!

Oftentimes, in caring for others, we end up last on the list or not on it at all. Taking time to nurture ourselves can seem impossible--we often think of self-care as self-absorbed and selfish! Yet, when we care for ourselves, we care for all life, including our families and our planet! How we treat ourselves has a great impact on how we feel and act! Allow me to take you on a loving journey into the Bellisima Living Recipe for Self-Care. You'll discover how to be more beautiful and healthy--inside and out! You'll also make your own bath salts to take home and enjoy!

  • Mother-Daughter Connections Playshop

This playshop is a wonderful opportunity for moms and daughters to have fun and connect with each other while learning helpful information to assist in personal care product decisions. During the two-hour experience, find out just how well you know each other through an interactive game, connect while giving each other a gentle hand massage, and learn how to be more informed shoppers. Information is power--both of you will leave feeling more confident about how to make better personal care choices. You'll each create a scented aromatherapy gift to take home!

In service and gratitude,

Donna Mazzitelli


Contact me for more information.

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